Selasa, 26 April 2011

How to Train Six Dogs at the Same Time

Above all, most dogs want to please their owner.
Training one dog is difficult. You have to make sure you know its feelings, requirements and personality well enough to treat it accordingly. Training six dogs at the same time, on the other hand, is six times more difficult. Not only do you have to keep your eye on six different personalities, you have to make sure that their personalities do not collide and result in hostility between them. Training six dogs might be difficult, but it is possible.

How to Care for and Train German Shepherd Puppies

Socializing with your German shepherd puppy is integral to its wellbeing.
The German shepherd, a highly intelligent and versatile dog, performs several roles in society, including serving as a guide dog and therapy dog. German shepherds thrive on socializing and bonding with their owners throughout their lives, and particularly during their growing years as puppies. If you have a German shepherd puppy or plan to get one, ensure that it is properly cared for, and physically and mentally stimulated with sufficient exercise and training.

How to Tell a Long Coat Puppy From a Standard Coat in a German Shepherd

Physical characteristics differ between long- and standard-coat German shepherds.
Long-haired German shepherd puppies are differentiated from standard-coat German shepherds by several factors, including the length of their coat. To determine which group a puppy belongs to research its history with the breeder and examine the puppy's physical characteristics.